Time 4 Thai – Takeaway Menu

Time 4 Thai – Takeaway Menu



T1 Deep Fried Shredded Pork Neck with Lemongrass £7.95
T2 BBQ Spare Ribs £7.95
T3 Chicken Satay £7.65
T4 Deep Fried Turmeric Squid £8.95
T5 Vegetables Spring Rolls (V) £7.65



T6 Prawns Tom Yum £7.95
T7 Vegetables Tom Yum £6.95
T8 Chicken Tom Yum £6.95



T9 Grilled Chicken with Mango Salad & Thai Herbs £9.95



T10 Authentic Green Curry
Vegetables & Tofu (V) £11.50
Chicken £12.95
beef £13.80
Prawns £14.80
T11 Thai Red Curry
Vegetables & Tofu (V) £11.50
Chicken £12.95
beef £13.80
Prawns £14.80


Special Curry

T12 Roasted Duck Red Curry with Pineapples £14.75
T13 Chicken Massaman Curry with Potatoes £13.80


Fish Dishes

T14 Deep Fried Monkfish in Dried Red Curry £17.95
T15 Deep Fried Salmon in Dried Red Curry £14.80
T16 Deep Fried Seabass with Tamarind Sauce & Vegs £12.95
T17 Deep Fried Seabass with Green Mango Salad £12.95
T18 Stir Fried Monkfish Drunken Style with Chilli & Garlic £18.50


From the Wok

T19 Phad Graprow – Traditional Stir Fried Dish with
Crushed Fresh Chilli & Garlic, Fine Beans, Bell Peppers,
Mushrooms & Holy Basil Leaves
T20 Stir Fried Dish with Cashew Nuts, Mushrooms, Bell
Peppers & Spring Onions
T21 Stir Friedh Dish with Ginger, Mushrooms, Bell
Peppers, Red Chilli & Spring Onions
T22 Stir Fried Mixed Vegtetables with Oyster Sauce
Choose from the following:
Tofu (V) £12.50
Chicken £12.95
Beef £13.80
Prawns £14.95



T23 Thai Jasmine Rice £3.25
T24 Egg Fried Rice £3.75
T25 French Fries £3.80
T26 Prawn Crackers £3.80


Noodles & Rice

T27 Phad Thai Noodles with Prawns £13.95
T28 Phad Thai Noodles with Chicken £12.95
T29 Phad Thai Noodles with Vegetables (V) £11.80
T30 Stir Fried Spicy Rice Noodles with Chicken £13.95
T31 Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken, Red Chilli, Fine Beans,
Egg & Basil Leaves £13.95