Kids menu

Kids menu



K1 Vegetables spring rolls with plum sauce (W,G) £4.60
K2 Grilled chicken satay with peanut sauce (N,D) £5.20


Main Course

K3 Stir Thai fried rice with chicken (W,G,E) £8.90
K4 Stir fried rice noodles with chicken,vegetables and eggs ( W,G,E) £8.90
K5 Deep fried crispy sea bass and chips with lime mayonnaise (W,G,E) £10.80
K6 Deep fried prawns tempura with plum sauce (3pcs) (W,G,E) £10.80


Side Dishes

K7 Steamed Fragrant Rice £3.25
K8 Egg Fried Rice (W,G,E) £3.75
K9 French Fries (W,G,E) £3.80



K10 Ice-creamOne scoop of ice-cream with choice of vanilla, mango, coconut or passionfruit sorbet £2.50

* N-contains nuts,G-contains Gluten,W-contains Wheat flour,E-contains eggs,D-contains Dairy *