Noodles & Rice

Noodles & Rice

All fried rice dishes contain diced tomatoes, onions, carrots, green peas and sweetcorn

R1 Thai style stir fried rice noodles in tamarind sauce with shallots,dried shrimps,fried tofu,dried radish,peanuts,flat parsley and egg Phad Thai            

King Prawn £13.95

Chicken ( No dried shrimps )  £12.95

Vegetables ( No dried shrimps ) V £11.80

R2 Stir fried rice noodles drunken style with garlic,fresh chilli,cherry tomatoes,fresh pepper corns,bell peppers,fine beans & holy basil leaves with Seafood ( kind prawn,scallops,fresh squid ) £14.50
R3 Thai fried rice with vegetables,garlic,spring onions and eggChicken £12.95Prawns £13.95
R4 Spicy Thai fried rice with chopped Chicken,garlic,fresh chilli,egg,fine beans,large red chilli and holy basil leaves £13.95