Festive Lunch Menu

Festive Lunch Menu

(Available from 4 Dec 2016 to 1 Jan 2017 Served from Noon to 2.30 p.m.)

£19.50 per head


Mixed Platter

Deep fried triangle of minced prawns and pork belly with carrots,
water chestnuts and coriander roots (W, G)

Deep fried BBQ pork spare ribs (W, G)

Grilled marinated chicken pieces in coconut milk, turmeric
and curry powder served with peanut sauce (N)


Grilled chicken salad with green mango, crispy bacon,
red onions and spicy mayo dressing (W, G)

Main Course

(Any one of the following)

Panang curry of king prawns flavored with kaffir lime leaves,
aubergines, courgettes, butternut squash, Thai small
egg plants and coconut cream(W, G)(N)

Green curry of sliced chicken breast cooked with aubergines, courgettes, butternut squash,
Thai small egg plants and Thai sweet basil leaves

Stir fried sirloin steak chopped with fresh garlic, chilli, fine beans,
mushrooms, capsicums and holy basil leaves (W, G)

Grilled BBQ boneless chicken legs marinated in coconut milk, palm sugar,
soy sauce, Thai spices and ground chilli sauce (W, G)

Deep fried battered sea bass on sautéed iceberg lettuce with
tamarind sauce, fried carrots and potatoes (W, G, E)

Stir fried udon noodles with seafood, baby corns, carrots, shitake mushrooms,
sweet heart cabbages and Japanese soy sauce (W, G)

**All main courses served with steamed fragrant rice, Except the last main course**