Festive Banquet Menu

Festive Banquet Menu

(Available from 1st Dec 2018 to 5th Jan 2019)



£ 35.80 per head

Minimum for 4 people ( Set menu include all listed appetisers and main courses.Salad served individual )


Roasted marinated salmon with chilli,sea salt,Thai herbs salad in spicy roasted rice & galangal dressing

Mixed Platter

Grilled marinated chicken satay served with peanut sauce  (D,N)

Deep fried king prawns tempura with soy dipping sauce (W,G,E)

Traditional Thai fish cake with cucumber & sweet chilli sauce ( W,G )

Deep fried shredded pork neck, marinated with lemongrass (W,G,E)

Deep fried fresh squid,marinated with fresh tumeric & crushed black peppers (W,G,E)

Main Course

(All  of the following)

Green curry of chicken with young coconut pieces,butter nut squash,courgettes,bell peppers and Thai sweet basil leaves

Crispy monkfish cooked in dried red curry,butter nut squash,courgettes,bell peppers flavored with kaffir lime leaves and coconut cream (W,G)

Stir fried roasted duck with fresh chilli,garlic,mushrooms,bell peppers,fine beans and holy basil leaves

Stir fried king prawns & scallops with exotic vegetables of broccoli tender stem,sugar snaps peas,baby corn,mushrooms in oyster sauce . (W,G )

Steamed Thai Jasmine



Deep fried battered banana served with vanilla ice cream,drizzle with honey (W,G)