All curry dishes contain aubergines, butternut squash, courgettes and rhizome

C1 Crispy monk fish in a Rich of dried red curry simmered flavoured kaffir lime leaves,coconut milk and fine bean
Choo Chee ( King of red curry )
C2 Slow cooked chicken pieces in massaman curry paste,coconut milk,potatoes topped with fried shallots and cashew nuts
Gaeng Massaman 
C3 Red curry of roasted Duck with pineapples,cherry tomatoes,Thai small eggplants,finger roots,kaffir lime leaves & sweet basil leaves £14.75
C4 Red curry King prawns and Scallops with pineapples,Thai small eggplants,finger roots,kaffir lime leaves & sweet basil leaves £16.50
C5 Green curry of young coconut pieces,Thai small eggplants and sweet basil leavesGaeng Kiew Warn ( Green curry )
C6 Thai red curry with Thai small eggplants,finger roots and sweet basil leavesGaeng Dang (Red curry )
NOW CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWINGBeef             £13.80Chicken         £12.95King Prawn    £14.80

Vegetables & Tofu   £11.50